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John Hersey High School (JHHS) administers a variety of assessments to provide students, parents, and staff members with performance information.  Such information is used for:

  • Placement in appropriate courses
  • Identifying the need for additional instruction
  • Monitoring student growth
  • Determining the extent to which students are meeting district and state standards
  • Providing information to enrich the curriculum and instruction
  • Providing information for making post-secondary educational and vocational decision

There are five district-wide assessment programs in place at JHHS that accomplish a range of goals. 

  • The District 214 High School Assessment Program aids the district in evaluating the relevancy and effectiveness of its educational programs and the extent to which it is fulfilling its mission to students.
  • The State of Illinois Assessment Program complies with the assessment requirements of the State Board of Education.
  • The Graduation Requirements Assessment Program includes assessments related to District 214 graduation requirements.     
  • The College-Bound Assessment Program aids students in making decisions with regards to their college plans.  
  • The Life and Career Planning Assessment Program aids students in making decisions with regards to their post high school plans.

To learn more about individual assessments, prep, and testing dates use the navigation menu for this section, visit the new Assessment Center - Room 125E.


Joan Lazarz, Assessment Supervisor  |  (847) 718-5002

Shannon Tryba, Assessment Center Assistant  |  (847) 718-4826