New film festival aims to inspire more students to pursue film


A new film festival organized by Prospect High School students aims to inspire the next generation of filmmakers.

Prospect junior Cesar Toscano came up with the idea for The Film Dreamers’ Festival last school year. Working with Prospect senior Claire Galloway and their peers in the school’s film club, they have organized a red carpet event that will recognize student filmmakers from Prospect and John Hersey high schools.

Toscano and Galloway, both 17, said they hope the festival shows students the opportunities that exist in filmmaking and that film is all about teamwork. They also hope to raise awareness of the school’s film club.

“I hope it makes kids realize that it’s not hard to make a movie anymore,” said Galloway, who will also serve as the emcee of the event. “You don’t just need to like films. You can make them, too.”

Besides wanting to create additional opportunities for students interested in film, Toscano said he hopes the festival connects more artists in the building.

When planning the festival, students in the film club asked students in the school’s graphic arts program to design the statues that will be handed out at the event. The collaboration, they said, is an example of how artists of all kinds work together. Both credited the film club’s sponsor, Quinlan Kyp-Johnson, for her support and commitment to the festival.

“I’m trying to make everything connect so people can recognize how close artists should be,” said Toscano, who aspires to be a screenwriter.

The Film Dreamers’ Festival will be held at Prospect High School on Friday, October 26 at 6 p.m. Awards will recognize the top drama, comedy, science fiction, thriller, documentary and acting, among other productions. As part of the festival, students will also receive feedback from the five judges that will help them improve their work.

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