2020 Summer Athletic Program

We apologize for the delay in getting summer athletic camp information to you, but we are currently awaiting a construction schedule in order to determine what facilities will be available this summer.  As soon as we have that information, we will be able to complete the details of our camps and have that available to you.  Please continue to check back for further updates on this website.

Session 1 of this year's camps will run from June 8 - June 25.

Session 2 of this year's camps will run from July 6 - July 23.

All Fall athletics will begin on Monday, August 10.

General Information - Policies and Procedures

The offerings are in for the 2020 Hersey summer athletic camps!!
We are excited to offer camps to elementary, junior high, and high school students again this summer. Many different sports are represented; some exclusively for boys or girls, and some co-ed.  All camps are coached by Hersey staff coaches or professionals in their field of sport. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and get a head start on your season, whatever your sport may be!!

Participant Eligibility - Anyone who is high school age or younger and is a resident of Township High School District 214 may participate in the Summer Athletic Program (SAP). Grade/age level is often designated in the title or description of each camp/class. Grade level is defined as the grade the student will enter in the coming fall (Fall of 2020).
RegistrationAgain this year, all registration will be on line, and payment will be made with a credit card.  In order to register, click on the registration link and follow the instructions on the screen.

Register HERE (The opening of registration has been delayed.  Further updates will be posted once a registration date has been set.)

If you wish to pay for the camp using cash or a check, you must register at the school during the hours of 7:30am – 3:30pm on regular school days.
A $10 Late Fee applies to all registrations after May 22, 2020 (subject to change).
Fees - Registration Fee: $19.00 per camp (non-refundable).  Late Fee: $10.00 per registrant (non-refundable).  Camp Tuition: Differs by Camp based on Contact Hours.  Additional Fees by Camp: Umpire Fees, League Fees, T-shirts.  Administration Fees: District Portion of Payroll Deductions.
The camp costs listed INCLUDE the registration fee.  It is not necessary to add any other fees (unless you are registering after May 22nd (subject to change), which requires a $10 late fee).
Fee Waiver - Only students who receive a District 214 "fee waiver" are eligible for the waiver of SAP tuition. The only fee waived is the tuition portion of the camp fee.  Students will be required to pay all other fees.  Fee waiver documentation must be on file with the school administration prior to registering for a camp.
Refunds - Full refund of all fees if camp is canceled. Other refunds will only be made because of serious illness and must be requested at the time of illness or injury and within the time the camp is being held. A doctor's note stating that the student is unable to participate is required. The registration fee will be subtracted from all refunds, and the remaining refund will be prorated based on the days the student attended camp.  There are no refunds after half (1/2) of the days of camp or for sessions canceled due to inclement weather.
Insurance - Students are responsible for their own insurance coverage. If a participating student is injured, the incident should be reported as if the student is a visitor on school premises. All injuries must be reported to the head coach/sponsor and trainer (if on duty). The head coach/sponsor must complete an accident report.
Location of Camps - The location of each camp is listed under the individual class descriptions. Classes will meet at this location on the first day, and any changes will be announced then.
T-Shirts - Some camps include a t-shirt. This is listed in the individual class descriptions. Please make sure to indicate your child's shirt size on the registration form.  Sizes are Youth L, Adult S, Adult M, Adult L, Adult XL, and Adult XXL.
Cancellations due to Weather - We will make every attempt possible to have information available concerning cancellation of outdoor camps due to inclement weather. You may call 847-718-4966 and listen to the recording daily for camp cancellations. This should be updated by 6:45am. Unfortunately, due to facility usage, we cannot reschedule classes that have been canceled because of inclement weather.
Questions? E-mail John Novak at john.novak@d214.org
Going on Vacation? Sign up anyway and come as much as you can!
Baseball Badminton
Basketball Basketball
Cross Country Cross Country
Football Skills Golf
Football Team Gymnastics
Gymnastics Speed & Plyometrics
Speed & Plyometrics Soccer
Swimming & Diving Softball
Tennis Swimming & Diving
Track Tennis
Volleyball Track (Distance)
Wrestling Volleyball
Water Polo Water Polo