John Hersey High School Orchesis is an extension of the Dance program. This year it is compromised of 28 females ranging from freshmen to seniors. We meet both as a class and co-curricular activity with an emphasis on exploring, creating, encouraging, and producing dance as an art form. Orchesis performs numerous times throughout the school year with the highlight being our annual concert held in February.

This company has a strong reputation within the school, community, and district. To be an Orchesis member is a very special privilege. A John Hersey High School Orchesis member is dedicated to Orchesis and everything it represents! 


It is our mission to provide each dancer in Orchesis with a well-rounded, healthy performance and rehearsal experience. Orchesis is composed of dancers with the following areas of concentration: teamwork, individual and group goals, time management, dance and performance technique, commitment, rehearsal and performance etiquette, self confidence, dance as an art, and being held accountable for the choices one makes.

Orchesis views the performance experience as a training tool by exposing each dancer to a variety of different dance styles, organizations, events, and levels of accomplishment gained through both individual and group dedication and effort. Members are to always demonstrate a positive attitude. Each performance is merely to educate our dancers about other schools, companies, and organizations while motivating the dancer to strive toward individual and group goals and achievement. 


Orchesis has participated in state and national competitions, representing John Hersey High School and District 214 more generally. Over the years, Orchesis members have donated hundreds of dollars to charities and choreographed original pieces for fundraising purposes. Student dancers have participated in master classes offered by more than a dozen professional dancers.