Hersey Girls Track & Field – Meet Prep / Outdoor Order of Events

1. Pack your track bag the night before – be sure to include.

• athletic shoes • spikes (proper spike length already in 1/8 indoor – ¼ outdoor)
• two pairs of socks • uniform• shorts / sweats to wear over your shorts • team t-shirt to wear over your singlet
• warm-up suit • sun screen (for outdoors) – homework for longer invites.
• water (two bottles) • healthy snacks + music for pre/ post meet.
* Have Power card Ready ! Pack your mental bag – CHOOSE CONFIDENCE!

2. Sleep well – have a bedtime routine – take technology-free time – build confidence!

3. Eat well –– STAY FUELED UP! – see handouts.

4. When you arrive at Heresy, take care of training room need immediately – see if you can help organize water – check for supplies – batons – blocks – jump bag, etc. Be sure to be at school at least five minutes prior to bus time. Upon arrival  to the meet, get oriented to the facility. Identify where the restrooms, warm-up area, clerk of the course, field-event sites, track entry points and starting lines.  Relays walk the track together and find your markers – assess wind other factors. Get to know your environment.  Focus on what you can control.

5. Know your events, and the time of your events. There is a standard order of events for track meets. Learn and    memorize it. (Indoor meets vary)

6. Learn how each particular meets calls athletes to compete. At weekday dual meets, athletes usually report directly to the starting line or field event site. On Saturday meets, athletes check-in at a holding area. Find the Clerk of the Course. Find out how much before your event meet officials want you to check in.

7. Understand how each meet uses the P.A. system. Many meets use a "First, Second, Final Call" system to alert athletes. First call is a general notice that the event is coming. Second call indicates the event is imminent. Final or Last call means the athlete should be at the clerk or starting line. However, this system, and its reliability varies wildly from meet to meet, so don’t completely count on it.

8. In fact, get in that habit of relying mostly on yourself. Know the schedule, know your events, know the set up, think ahead. Don’t passively assume the coaches will figure it out for you, don’t rely on teammates, and understand that meet officials are sometimes off track. Embrace learning how to handle your own business

9. Warm up well and on time – and take your backpack and spikes with you. Focus only on your event from the time you begin your warm up to the end of your cool down.

10. Compete! – Remember, that’s what you’re there to do! Learn to love max effort!

11. Do the assigned warm down for event group by event and at end of meet.  Striders – Fantastic Four – Fuel!
You can leave the meet after the warm down.

12. Go support teammates after you’re done.  4 x 400 Cheer!!!   - Process the meet --- continue to learn??

13.  Continue Recovery at home – eat well / hydrate / rest / distress / ice, etc. 


THE OUTDOOR ORDER OF EVENTS:  Field Events begin first – field event leaders need to start warm ups and facility-awareness upon arrival to meets.

Long Jump
Pole Vault
High Jump
Shot Put
Triple Jump
Discus Throw


4x800-Meter Relay
4x100-Meter Relay
3200-Meter Run
100-Meter High Hurdles
100-Meter Dash
800-Meter Run
4x200-Meter Relay
400-Meter Dash
300-Meter Low Hurdles
1600-Meter Run
200-Meter Dash
4x400-Meter Relay