Respect Yourself!!! - Tell Yourself and Others "Something Good" Empathy (look past surfaces) – respect others – LISTEN!
Support –Be loud and proud ( team cheer, awards night)
Do not be Petty
Don’t blame others for bad days / don’t fault others for giving their best Take and Give Constructive Criticism (Teach, Learn, Respect) Communicate – verbalize kindness!!
Look for the best in others and give the best you have!
Respect all of your blessings – the value of each moment!!


Accept each practice as a challenge and as a part of the whole
Enjoy the difficult process of making goals a reality Learn from adversity – a bad race is not a bad season.


Heal the Brain – your mind needs recovery Know the purpose of each practice / meet – work –recover - improve
Use a bed-time routine. (stay off phone / Internet after nine) - RELAX
Remember – you train and rebuild while you sleep!!!! You get better while you rest!!!
Do homework right after dinner – / Take naps on weekends / DESTRESS!!!!
Eat six meals a day – Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, post-dinner snack (IRON)!!!! Hydrate -- bring water bottles
Wash your hands.
Avoid Negative Relationships – they cause stress!! Life is too Short for garbage!
Eat fruits / vegetables – vary the color/rainbow – keep your immune system strong


Energy is contagious /Work is Contagious (body language counts)
Giving maximum physical effort is a mental skill
Love the Process – work- recover -improve
Know what maximum effort feels like – have you found your best??? Reflect after each practice, meet, meeting – did I give my best??? Support team mates in being their best --- 1+1 = 3


Train the Brain – Neurons the fire together – Wire Together Visualize – see your goals happen – raise your level of belief
Learn to Relax – breathing, visualization, diet, rest, stress, music
Follow a pre-race routine
Self-Talk – be great to yourself – talk yourself into being your best!
Focus on the task at hand – not the outcome – love competition and training. Do not worry about what you cannot control – weather, competition, etc. Thought stopping -- Meditate – make harmful thoughts helpful thoughts


Be comfortable with who you are – love the gifts you have!
Remember – your habits make your character – your character is you! Remember that good habits make for a higher quality of life. Remember that life is not easy and that love for life leads to excellence Find your fire – know why you do what you do
Work towards goals with passion / find what drives the best of you. Remember that Life is a Gift - make the most of it! Deeply Respect it!