Alumni News

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Katie Standefer - Class of 2003

Congratulations to Katie Standefer for the release of her new book Lightning Flowers: My Journey to Uncover the Cost of Saving A Life. The book tells the Katie's story of her foray into the medical establishment and the personal, ethical, and environmental dilemmas she faced on her journey.  Read more about Katie here.

Chris Jacobs - Class of 1995

Congratulations to Chris Jacobs, who has been promoted to Director of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Academy.  Chris was the Director of Basketball Operations for the Georgia Tech Men's Basketball Team before joining the Hawks Basketball Academy staff.  To read more about Chris, click here.

Jack Cimo - Class of 2007

Jack Cimo is excited to announce the release of his first classic guitar album.  After graduating from USC's Thorton School of Music with a degree in classical guitar, Jack has toured the country both as a solo performer as well as with various ensembles.  For more information about Jack's career, his music, or to purchase his new album, check out his website at


Elizabeth Niersbach - Class of 2015

Elizabeth Niersbach is currently serving as the President of the Kelley School of Business Student Government at Indiana University.  She has also been involved in several other student organizations while earning academic honors.  View Elizabeth's speech to new students at this year's Kelley School of Business opening.


Marshall Sheffer - Class of 1999

Marshall Sheffer is in his tenth year of teaching at Highland Middle School in Libertyville.  Marshall views teaching as a great profession, and enjoys it more every day.  He was recently Read about Marshall's passion for teaching Social Studies here.


Alyssa Robbins - Class of 1998

Based in Booklyn, Alyssa has forged quite a career as a singer and songwriter.  She has recorded four albums - "Wet Behind the Ears", "The Other Side of the World"' "Our Time Was Here We Just Forgot To Be", and "Golden Heart".Her music videos have been featured on After Ellen, XO Jane and at the Brooklyn Music Video Festival.  She is currently promoting the movie "Becks", which is loosely based upon her life.  Alyssa co-wrote the soundtrack for this award-winning movie.  You can read more about Alyssa here.


Jordan Horowitz - Class of 1974 

Jordan Horowitz currently serves as the Vice President at the Institute for Evidenced-Based Change, an organization devoted to transforming decisions, improving practices, and increasing student success.  Jordan has authored several books, and most recently co-authored Creating a Data-Informed Culture in Community Colleges.  Read more about Jordan's professional journey here.


Paige Scott - Class of 2009

Paige Scott is currently training for a shot to become a member of the Women's Olympic Weightlifting team. We wish her the best as she pursues her goals.  Read a little more about Paige's journey here.


Karen Kanupke (Stewart) - Class of 1995

Congratulations to Karen Kanupke (Stewart) on her induction into the DePaul Hall Athletic Hall of Fame on Saturday, February 25, 2017.  Karen had an outstanding Hersey career in both volleyball and softball, and went on to star for the Blue Demons softball program.  Read DePaul's press release.


Kelsey Ibach - Class of 2007

Kelsey Ibach, Class of 2007, continues to stay positive and help others after a life changing event.  Read more about Kelsey's story here.


Keith Szarabajka - Class of 1971

Keith Szarabajka has made a name for himself in Hollywood by working hard to achieve a successful acting career.  Read more about Keith's journey here.


Sargy Letuchy - Class of 1995

Sargy Letuchy is currently teaching at Bolingbrook High School.  Sargy has recently written a book, The Visual Edge, to help educators develop lessons using the newly developed Common Core Standards.  You can read an independent review of Sargy's book here.  Sargy has also written a few conceptual pieces on visual instructional tools and on the visual approach to the Common Core.


Jim Michaels - Class of 1979

Jim Michaels has fashioned a very successful career as a Hollywood producer.  You can read about Jim's journey here.


David Paluch - Class of 1983

David Paluch was elected to a second term as a Trustee for the Village of Sugar Grove.  He was first elected in 2011.  See David's message to his constituency here.