Math and Science


Students are required to earn three units of credit in mathematics to graduate from John Hersey High School. One credit must be in algebra and one in geometry. Honors students start with geometry and general education students start with algebra as freshmen, swapping this focus for sophomore year. As juniors, students either take an additional course in one of these areas or move on to pre-calculus before senior year, when AP Calculus is an option, as well as more advanced algebra courses. Advanced Placement statistics serves as an additional mathematics elective and students also have the opportunity to take College Calculus 3 and Differential Equations. 

Students must earn at least two units of credit in science to qualify for graduation. Freshmen start with biology and then move on to chemistry as sophomores before taking physics as juniors. Senior year is open for students to choose from a range of electives, including physical science, advanced biology, oceanography, environmental science, space, and physiology, as well as Advanced Placement physics, chemistry, biology, and environmental science.