2017-18 Yearbook Information



Did I purchase a yearbook?

If you are not sure whether you purchased a yearbook at the beginning of the school year, there is a list inside the Yearbook display case outside of the ARC by room 124A.  You can also check Infinite Campus (on a browser, not the app) and click Fees to check for a yearbook purchase. Make sure you filter the fees and change ALL to 2017-18.

If there is an issue with your purchase, please contact Karen Flickinger (karen.flickinge@d214.org) or Rich Lane (rich.lane@d214.org) with your inquiry via email with the student's name and ID. 

Yearbook Early Pick Up is on Wednesday, May 16th

Help the Endeavor Yearbook keep the quality of our yearbook for next year through this early bird fundraiser!

Yearbook Early Pick Up 2:30-4:00 outside the Main Office.

For only $5 you get:

1.) Your yearbook 1 WEEK before everyone else

2.) A 50th Anniversary Commemorative Cup and Popcorn

All School Distribution is on Wednesday, May 23rd

Yearbooks will be distributed all day outside the Main Office.

If a student is absent this day or just forgets to pick up the yearbook on May 31st, students can stop by Room 148 any day until the school year is over to pick up the yearbook. When summer break begins, yearbooks can still be picked up or purchased in the Main Office. Yearbooks can be purchased at anytime as long as supplies last.

Yearbook Portrait Information for 2018-2019
Prestige Portraits will be the portrait studio for the 2018-2019 school year. If you schedule a portrait session with another studio, those photos will not be used in the yearbook. Please be aware of other studios soliciting your business for senior portraits.
Prestige Portraits will be mailing Seniors information at the beginning of the summer. The information will include an access code and an auto-scheduled portrait session time and date between June 12th through June 21th. If you are unable to attend your auto-scheduled appointment, go to prestigeportraits.com with your access code to reschedule your session.  Senior Portrait sessions will be at Hersey High School in room 124 for your convenience.
There will be a few dates in the fall once we return back to school for Senior make-up sessions at Hersey after school.  You will be notified at the beginning of the school year if you have not been photographed over the summer by Prestige Portraits.
Underclass portraits will happen at Hersey in the fall during your PE classes.  Your ID photo is not your yearbook picture, so please make sure you watch for the reminders in the fall.
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