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Training Principles

Training Philosophy – Hersey Girls Cross Country 2011!


Consistent training wins!!  Bill Bowerman, the greatest American track coach, had a simple philosophy – WORK – RECOVER – IMPROVE. The idea is simple – the process is challenging. But we embrace the process, because the process of training – OVER TIME – brings great personal and athletic results.


Our team, full of great character and discipline, is injury prone.  We don’t need more heart, we don’t need more miles, we need more consistent training.  I called Ray Treacy, Providence’s director of cross country and track and field and one of the best coaches in the world to help us achieve our goal. Time to get out of the training room – off the elliptical – time to train.


Coach Treacy has coached Providence to be one of the most successful  / consistent programs in the nation. He currently coaches Molly Huddle, American 5000- Meter record holder. Good for us – we race three miles. Molly Huddle dropped her race times considerably after beginning to train with Coach Treacy because she was able to train hard and stay healthy.


 So- Coach Treacy helped us put a plan together. It has worked so far! Coach Treacy’s secrets  -- keep two days between hard training days to ensure proper recovery before the next workout – this allows athletes to run hard enough on hard days to produce training adaptations and to avoid overtraining induced injury.


Coach Treacy also advocates training all the energy systems over the long haul. So every 14 days we include a long run, short reps, long reps, tempo runs, medium distance runs, and recovery runs, and a race. The high school racing schedule brings challenge to the system, but we adapt by emphasizing / de-emphasizing races – some races we pray for relief (all-out) – some races are tempo oriented.


We also use resistance training for balance / stablility/ strength. Foam Rollers and mobility work to keep healthy alignment, etc. Train our core to maintain the whole system.  Eat and Hydrate like champions!  BUILD EMOTIONAL TALENT TO GO WITH IT!!


To do all of this – we must 100% believe in the workouts and make the system roll – you cannot take full gain from a system that you do not believe in and you will harm team chemistry – not the way to go – not tolerated!  We communicate and make things work!! 


Goal – Be  HEALTHY – HAPPY – HUNGRY – in October!!!!   More importantly – we protect the emotional environment of our workouts!



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